Tap's ticking until Ballina receives recycled water

Water News


The roll out of Council’s revolutionary recycled water project continues as the team gears up for Ballina’s turn on. 

Over 700 Ballina households will begin receiving recycled water for household use in the coming months. Residents in Ballina Heights, Ferngrove Estate, River Oaks Estate and North Ballina will enjoy the clean and safe water source which costs only 80 per cent of the usual water rate.

Recycled water is crystal clean and safe, cheaper to use and is available 24/7 in drought. It’s also suitable for a range of uses inside and outside of the home. These include washing pets, cars, bikes and boats, flushing toilets, irrigating gardens, and the cold water laundry tap.

This innovative water program is at the forefront of Australia’s recycled water technology and is ensuring a sustainable water supply for future generations.

Lennox Head residents have already given recycled water a big thumbs up. Since the service began last year it’s received a wave of support from Lennox Head locals who have said the water quality is excellent and were supportive of long term use in the community.

In the coming months Council will inform residents and local businesses in the area about the many uses of recycled water.