Bit blocked up? Who you gonna call?

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It’s a public holiday, the in-laws are in town and dinner is on the stove suddenly the toilet starts to overflow and won’t flush. Who you going to call?

If you have a blockage it’s important to call Council before a commercial plumber. We have Wastewater Operators on-call 24/7 who can investigate as the problem might be in Council’s sewer lines and therefore our responsibility to fix. 

If Council staff determine the problem is not in the mains you will then need to contact a plumber but don’t worry, you will never be charged for Council’s investigation, even if it requires a site visit. If the blockage is within your property the owner will be responsible for the plumbing bill.

The best way to avoid a blocked toilet is to remember the Three Ps. Only flush Pee, Poo and Paper down your toilet. Any other materials such as wet wipes, cotton buds, sanitary items and dental floss do not break down and could eventually block your pipes and result in an expensive plumbing bill to remove them. 

For more information, contact Council on 1300 864 444. If you do experience a blockage on the weekend or after business hours telephone our emergency contact on 02 6626 6954.