Recycled water plumbing audits are key

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Council has recently commenced the first round of routine plumbing inspections for homes in Ballina Shire that are fitted with recycled water plumbing.

Over the coming weeks, Council's Water and Wastewater staff aim to inspect around 200 homes due for their five-yearly inspection. Council will directly contact property owners who are due for the plumbing inspection, which should only take staff 20-minutes to complete.

These regular plumbing audits are essential to comply with the Section 60 approval (Local Government Act) to supply Recycled Water to residential homes in our shire.

According to this approval homes are required to have a routine plumbing inspection every five years and at any time the house is sold. The first round of audits occurred nearly five years ago, and this round of inspections will ensure we are up-to-date with this requirement. From previous experience, we expect compliance levels to be very high but if issues to arise, such as missing signage, Council staff will work collaborative with home-owners to resolve any issues.

Any major issues, such as incorrect plumbing resulting in a cross-connection will be made safe on-site by our staff. 

This activity will grow into the future as the number of recycled water connections grow to the ultimate planned figure of over 9,000 connections (currently almost 1,400).

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Contact our Water and Wastewater Team on 1300 864 444.