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Brook’s chooks and vegie patch are blooming thanks to the fresh rain water from his new water tank. As our drier months begin the Alstonville resident is pleased to know his delicious snap peas and fresh bok choy will continue to happily grow soaking up his tank water. 

Brook uses his water tank to water his garden, clean his car and for his chooks.
Brook saved $1,000 using Rous County Council’s (our bulk water supplier) water tank rebate and was only out of pocket $425 for the cost of his 10,000-litre tank. He is also now saving on his quarterly water bill which has dropped to just $30.

But Brook says although the savings and rebate are a good incentive it wasn’t the main reason he installed the water tank. “I am a big believer in water conservation because water is life. I also enjoy knowing I am decreasing my environmental foot print."

“The rebate process was very easy and I've been suggesting my friends and family also take advantage of Rous’ generous rebate,” Brook added.

By installing a water tank your family could save 50,000 litres a year plus hundreds of dollars off your water bill.

To take advantage of Rous County Council’s water tank rebate program telephone 02 6623 3800 or visit