Is your water meter in hiding?

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Water talk hiding water meter

If you can’t find your property’s water meter chances are we can’t either.

Each quarter, water meter readers visit properties across the shire to record water usage for your quarterly bill. But sometimes water meters can get lost amongst dirt, landscaping or overgrown grass. This makes it next to impossible for Council contractors to locate and read a property’s water usage.

When a water meter can’t be located Council staff will contact the resident and then return to the property to try again. Unfortunately, this impacts on Council resources and inevitably costs the ratepayer. 

It's easy to show us your meter! Simply, clear away grass or any other obstructions from around your meter. Another idea is to clearly mark your water meter’s location with a stake and red ribbon.

Water meters are generally read in mid March, June, September and December. So next quarter, remember to find your meter and clear away any obstructions.

For more information, call Council on 1300 864 444.