Why do we flush water mains?

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The flow of crystal clear water from your tap doesn’t happen by accident.

Our shire’s drinking water network has over 350km of pipes that deliver water to our homes and businesses. To ensure this water remains of high quality, we flush water mains at locations across the shire.

Opening select hydrants allows water to flush through the system and is done with public health and safety in mind. To achieve the desired result, Council’s Water Team flushes an average of 5 kilolitres (5000 litres) of water per location – this equates to a water cost of less than $10 per flush. The flushed water is not collected in tankers due to the associated costs, which would be approximately 20 times the cost of the water itself.

We are committed to water conservation and minimising wastage, so we are very selective about where and when we carry out planned flushing. Flushing accounts for approximately 0.0005% of council’s annual water use.
So next time you see council flushing a main you’ll know their work is helping deliver quality water to your tap.