Rural wastewater a worry

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Our Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators at Alstonville have been hard at work unclogging thousands of wipes and other foreign objects from our wastewater processing equipment. But this wastewater hasn’t arrived via our wastewater network it’s been delivered from our shire’s septic tanks. 

If you live on one of our shire's beautiful properties, you would know how important it is to have a well-maintained septic tank. These onsite sewerage management systems do a great job of treating your wastewater on site but they’re not bullet proof. Residents and their visitors must follow the same rules as their urban neighbours – only put the three Ps down the toilet, pee, poo and paper. And when it comes to your kitchen sink remember fat is not your friend.

If you don’t follow these important rules you could clog your property’s pipes, damage your septic tank or cause real damage to our wastewater treatment plant equipment.
When a septic tank is pumped out by a licenced contractor within Ballina Shire it is taken to the Alstonville Waste Water Treatment Plant.

To keep our treatment plant and your septic tank happy follow these simple rules:

  • Don’t let foreign materials (such as nappies, wet wipes or hygiene products) to enter your system 
  • Don’t put fats and oils down the drain
  • Don’t allow vegetation to enter the septic tank

Want more information about caring for your onsite sewerage management system? Contact council’s Environmental Health Officers on 1300 864 444 or visit (search OSSM).