Water restrictions lifted

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Rocky Creek Dam spilling

After a night of heavy rainfall in the Rocky Creek Dam catchment, the dam level is at full supply with more than 300mm flowing over the spillway on Thursday morning. This means water restrictions have been lifted across Ballina Shire. 

This is a welcome sight after a prolonged period of unseasonal dry conditions with the dam last spilling in October 2018. Rainfall readings for Rocky Creek Dam show that in the first 6 weeks of 2020, we have had the same amount of rainfall recorded in 2019.

“Although there has been a considerable amount of rainfall over the region in the last few weeks, not all of it has fallen over the Rocky Creek Dam catchment,” said Andrew Logan, Planning Manager at Rous County Council. “However, with the overnight heavy rain, the dam has now reached capacity and the decision has been made to lift all water restrictions.”

This applies to the council areas of Ballina, Byron (excluding Mullumbimby), Lismore (excluding Nimbin), and Richmond Valley (excluding Casino). Lismore City, Byron Shire and Richmond Valley Councils will continue to manage water restrictions for Nimbin, Mullumbimby and Casino independently.

“We had a good response from the community during the water restrictions period,” said Rous County Council General Manager, Phillip Rudd.
“It’s been a tough few months going from an intense dry period to widespread rainfall, with water restrictions still needing to be kept in place. Generally, people have understood our role to ensure that we aren’t reacting too quickly to remove restrictions until we had that certainty of supply.”

“Now that the Rocky Creek Dam level is more than 100%, it certainly takes the pressure off.”

Regardless of water restrictions being lifted, Rous County Council will continue to keep the community’s focus on reducing water consumption in our homes and gardens, so that in the event of another extended dry spell, we can be in a better position..

For dam levels or more information visit rous.nsw.gov.au