Types of Recycled Water

In the Ballina Shire we have two types of recycled water:

  • for flushing toilets, washing clothes, watering gardens etc - this water has low levels of nitrogen, phosphorous and oxygen.
  • for agriculture and irrigation - this water has higher levels of nitrogen, phosphorous and oxygen.

Can You Drink Recycled Water?

No. Recycled water should not be used for:

  • drinking
  • cooking or use in the kitchen
  • baths, showers, hand basins or personal washing
  • swimming pools
  • recreational water activities (eg playing under the sprinkler)
  • rainwater tanks

Ballina-Lennox Head Recycled Water Masterplan

Ballina Shire Council has invested $85 million in the Ballina-Lennox Head Recycled Water Masterplan. The program aims to:

  • reuse 80% of our recycled water in times of dry weather by 2050 limiting release of recycled water into waterways and the ocean
  • preserve our drinking water resource
  • deliver high quality recycled water to more than 7,200 new residential blocks over 30 years
  • provide recycled water for irrigation of sporting fields, parks and open spaces
  • look for opportunities to irrigate vegetation regeneration.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

We have four wastewater treatment plants in the Ballina Shire:

Dual Reticulation

Some housing estates in the Ballina Shire have dual reticulation. This means that some taps and fittings in these homes are connected to recycled water, such as toilets, laundries and in the garden. These households can reduce their use of drinking water by up to 40%.

Recycled water comes from easily distinguishable purple-coloured pipes.

Our factsheets explain everything you need to know about recycled water:

Factsheet 1 Recycled Water Frequently Asked Questions

Factsheet 2 Recycled Water Facts for Owners, Plumbers and Builders

Factsheet 3 Recycled Water Facts for the Real Estate Industry

Factsheet 4 Recycled Water Facts for GPs, Pharmacists and Health Practitioners

Factsheet 5 Recycled Water Facts for Understanding the Treatment of Recycled Water

Factsheet 6 Recycled Water Facts – Safely Disposing of Chemicals

Factsheet 7 Recycled Water Facts – The Price of Recycled Water

Factsheet 8 Recycled Water Facts - Alstonville and Wardell Schemes

Factsheet 9 Recycled Water Facts - Information for Strata Managers

Factsheet 10 Recycled Water Facts - Your car, clothes and garden 

All future housing estates in our shire will have dual reticulation.


Recycled water is currently supplied to a range of areas across our Shire, including:

Residential estates

  • Greenfield Road, Lennox Head
  • Coastal Grove, Lennox Head
  • Aspects Estate, Lennox Head
  • Elevation, Lennox Head
  • North Angels Beach, East Ballina
  • Aspens, Ballina (turning on in October 2017)
  • Ferngrove, Ballina (turning on in October 2017)
  • River Oaks, Ballina (turning on in October 2017)
  • Cumbalum, Ballina Heights (turning on in October 2017)
  • Pacific Pines, Lennox Head

Industrial and commercial sites

  • Southern Cross Industrial Estate

Private reuse sites

  • Ballina Golf Course, Chickiba Drive, East Ballina
  • Ballina Jockey Club, Racecourse Road, Ballina
  • Southern Cross K12 School

Public open spaces

  • Kingsford Smith Ovals, Ballina
  • Lennox Head playing fields
  • Skennars Head playing fields
  • Fripp Oval, Ballina
  • Saunders Oval, Ballina
  • Chickiba sporting fields, East Ballina

Click here for more information on dual reticulation


In the future, recycled water will expand into new developments across our shire

Where possible, recycled water may also be provided to houses and businesses located near to recycled water pipelines and these properties may be eligible for rebates.

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