If you cannot get access to water through a normal connection, or via water filling stations, you can apply to draw water from Council mains via a non-fixed, metered standpipe.

Standpipes are only to be used for business purposes and applicants must provide an ABN/ACN. Standpipes are not to be used for agricultural purposes or as an alternative water supply.

Water can only be drawn from drinking water mains. Council permission is required to use a standpipe to draw water from a Council mains.

How to apply for a standpipe approval

Each application will be assessed on a merit-based approval process.

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When your application is approved

Approval to draw water from Council’s mains is only via a Council fire hydrant in the Ballina Shire Council Local Government area.

The approval is for one financial year and the application fee remains the same regardless of when in the financial year the application is made.

Standpipes are provided by the applicant and need to meet the following minimum requirements:

  • be in good working order with a water meter fitted to the standpipe
  • must have a legible serial number engraved on the meter
  • must be fitted with a Council-approved backflow prevention device suitable for the degree of risk
  • camlock fittings are to be used to connect the standpipe to the outlet hose which must be in good condition with no leaks
  • if the standpipe is to be used for drinking water supply all fittings, including the outlet hose must be regularly cleaned and sanitized by the applicant.

If the standpipe hose is to be used for water, complete tanker/truck details on the application form.

The nominated tanker/truck will have the company’s business name and contact details clearly displayed on the sides and front and rear of the vehicle.

The approval is not transferable to any other business or vehicle.

All of the applicant’s employees must be fully trained in the correct and safe operation for accessing water from a hydrant with a standpipe.

Costs associated with damage to the hydrant or any other Council infrastructure will be borne by the applicant and recovered from the applicant by Council.

Applicants must make staff and contractors aware of all Council conditions and requirements of the approval.

A copy of the approval document must be kept in the vehicle and be able to be produced at the request of Council staff.

Excess water usage not covered by the annual fee may be charged to the applicant.

A list of approved persons/companies will be given to Council’s Water and Sewer staff.

Council staff may undertake random inspections and check compliance and the approved standpipes must be relevant to the vehicle.

For drinking water supply the outlet hose must be constructed of food grade quality material.

Hoses used to draw water from Council mains via the standpipe must not be used for any other purpose.

Applicants will be required to submit standpipe reads to Council:

  • when applying for an approval to draw water
  • when applying to renew an approval to draw water
  • on request from a Council officer
  • at the end of each financial year

Each approval will be linked to the registration number of the vehicle in the application.

Maintaining your backflow prevention devices

A backflow prevent device is a one-way valve that stops water from your standpipe going back into our water main.

Backflow prevention devices are important to ensure our drinking water supply is not contaminated.

Council staff regularly carry out audits on backflow prevention devices.

For more information see our Backflow Prevention Policy

What if you breach the approval conditions?

If you breach the approval conditions or your performance is regarded as unsatisfactory when measured against the Backflow Prevention Policy, Council may:

  • cancel the approval
  • issue an order under Section 124 of the Local Government Act 1993
  • take action under the prevention of the Environment Operations Act 1997
  • issue an on-the-spot Penalty Infringement Notice or prosecution under Section 637 of the Local Government Act 1993. See our Enforcement Policy for more details.

Using a standpipe without approval

Using a standpipe without Council approval is illegal and is regarded as water theft. You could be fined up to $2,200. Illegal use includes using a standpipe when:

  • the standpipe has no meter
  • the meter isn’t working
  • you don’t have a valid permit
  • you don’t have a backflow prevention device