Smart Metering is here! 

Water meters across the shire are read manually on a quarterly basis. Now Council is offering residents and businesses a smarter way to track their water usage in detail.

What is smart metering?

Smart water meters attach to your water meter and record hourly water usage data. The devices use radio technology to store and send this data to a secure Ballina Shire Council database.

Smart metering advantages

Smart meter devices can be used to:

  • collect water usage data that is timely, accurate, reliable and secure
  • help water users become aware of their consumption habits
  • detect leaks rapidly (rather than waiting for quarterly readings)
  • review consumption patterns and apply changes to save on water bills
  • receive weekly water monitoring data via email.

The cost

This optional service is an additional charge on top of ratepayer’s annual water charge and usage costs. Council will install a smart meter on your existing water meter for a one-off charge of $178.

After installation you can subscribe for $27 per year to access your water usage data, which will be emailed to your nominated address. Please note, the subscription payment is to be paid up front on an annual basis. These charges cover Council’s adminstrative costs and the cost of the device itself.

All fees are based on the 2024/25 financial year. The check the current rates and charges please visit Ballina Chire Council's website

What you'll get

If you choose to install and subscribe to our smart metering service you will receive:

  • a detailed graph of hourly consumption
  • a graph of daily consumption

This data is emailed to your nominated address and the frequency of these emails is customisable.

Leak Detection system

Our automated leak detection system has a pre-defined threshold that will allow users to automatically notified when a potential leak is detected. Download our leak detection factsheet for more information. 

Business advantages and rebates

For commercial businesses across the shire this new smart metering could help you:

  • better understand your water usage habits
  • detect water leaks more effectively and rapidly
  • review consumption patterns and apply changes to save on water bills

Businesses may also be eligible for funding or rebates through Rous County Council’s Sustainable Water Partner Program. This Program assists businesses to improve water efficiencies and implement water saving plans.
To find out more, contact Rous County Council on 02 6623 3800 or visit

Taggle smart meters

In 2017, Ballina Shire Council engaged Taggle to provide a smarter alternative for reading water meters. Taggle is a leader in smart metering solutions across Australia and their technology offers timely water readings. Their devices have proven to save money and water for customers. 

To find out more about their technology visit

How to apply

Complete online smart metering form

To find out more contact our Water Team on 1300 864 444.

How to pay

If your smart metering application has been approved and you have received a reference number, you will need to pay for installation and subscription. 

Download these instructions to pay online using Ballina Shire Council's online portal.

To find out more contact our Water Team on 1300 864 444.