Rous County Council offers rebates for the installation of water saving devices such as rainwater tanks. 

Rous County Council rebates

Monitoring your usage

You can compare how much water you are using by checking your water bill.  You will be able to see your usage for the past year and how it compares to your currently levels.

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If you have used a lot more water than usual you should check for leaks:

  • check to see if taps are dripping or water is around the base of your cistern (toilet)
  • check your water meter

You can check your own water loss by turning off all your taps and appliances and simply reading your water meter. If the numbers on your meter change, call a licensed plumber.

 water meter checking

  • to test for small water leaks read your water meter before going to bed and check it when you wake up, before you have turned any taps on.  If the meter has changed you have a water leak.
  • to check the accuracy of your meter, read the meter and then fill a container with a known quantity of water (eg 2 litres), check to see if this matches your water meter
  • if you find a leak call a licensed plumber to find and fix the problem.

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Reporting problems

If you have a problem with any of your water services or if there is a problem with council services, first refer to our trouble shooting guide, and if this doesn't help contact us on 6686 1497.

troubleshooting guide

Responsibilities for customers

Ballina Shire Council is responsible for maintaining and fixing pipes and equipment on council controlled land.

Property owners are responsible for maintain and fixing problems on their land.  This includes sewer blockages, water leaks and plumbing problems such as leaky taps.  Make sure you use a licensed plumber to do your plumbing work.

Unsure if a problem is yours or ours? Contact us on 6686 1497 and we will be able to help you.

paying your bill

pay my rates and charges bill

Understanding your bill

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